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Safety & Standards

OUR Safety & Standards


At Paliwal Carriers, we take pride in being an industry leader in safety, as it is one of our top priorities. We have an established safety program in place which includes mentoring by Senior Level Management to all members of the Paliwal Carriers family. With a robust Safety & Health Management System, our ultimate goal is zero-collision drives.

Our Regular Safety & Health activities include:

  • Daily Video Capsule of road safety training given to drivers to ensure compliance, positive behavioural approach towards their own health & safety and a mind-set that aligns with that of the company. We also continuously highlight the customers' safety standards & SOP's, as defined by them, and encourage strict adherence to the same.
  • Ensuring that our fleet is well maintained and equipment up to date, with regular inspections and systematic phasing out of trailers as they age.
  • Our experienced and verified fleet drivers are also provided with regular external training in order to enhance their skill set.
  • Dronacharya drivers training in progress by Tata Motors & Tata Cummins officials.
  • Fatigue Management by ensuring strict ban on night driving from midnight to 5AM.
  • We also carry out thorough investigation post an accident, if any, to determine the cause and take definitive and necessary action in order to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
  • Each driver is also provided with a helper on every trip in order to reduce fatigue, provide assistance and ensure that safety measures like wearing seatbelt and no mobile while driving are followed.
  • Predefined system for two-way communication and a 24/7 Tracking Team to mitigate accident risk.